The London Feeling

A short video of my recent trip to London.

The London Feeling



Short film of my trip to London. I tried to portray the thoughtful and inspiring feeling I got while visiting the city through people, camera angles, and music. If you like the music, please consider visiting the composer's website: "From Truth" by Dexter Britain:

• Canon EOS 50D shooting Magic Lantern raw video at 1584×674px (2.35 aspect ratio) / 23.976fps / 1/48 shutter
• KomputerBay 64GB 1000x CF card
• Sigma 30mm f/1.4
• my hands :)

Post-production workflow (on the Mac)
• RAWMagic conversion from .RAW to .dng
• import of dng sequences into After Effects CC
• in the Camera RAW window I adjusted the white balance and used the VisionLOG V2.1 camera calibration (
• I added a bit of Neat Video noise reduction (
• export of all sequences (videos) to ProRes 4444 .mov files
• entire editing of the short video in Premiere Pro CC
• export of XML file to DaVinci Resolve Lite
• color grading
• I added VisionColor's amazing OSIRIS film emulation LUTs (mainly JUGO - REC.709 and KDX - REC.709) at about 30% intensity
• export to ProRes 4444 using the "Final Cut Pro XML Round-Trip" preset
• XML import into Premiere Pro CC
• titles and credits
• I added a bit of Warp Stabilizer to most of the clips
• overlay of Rgrain's film grain ( at 35% transparency
• export to ProRes Proxy or LT
• upload to Vimeo